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Britnit™ Houseware Scouring Pads
Britnit Scouring Pads

Britnit™ Houseware Scouring Pads

Heavy-duty, high-quality scourers for the catering, cleaning & janitorial industries

Britnit™ pot and pan scourers from Amar KnitMesh Technologies are specially developed to meet the most demanding of cleaning and scouring tasks and are available direct to the retail and wholesale hardware markets.

Providing the quality and value insisted upon by restaurants, commercial kitchens, cleaning and janitorial businesses, all Britnit™ products are made from the highest grade raw materials using advanced manufacturing techniques that comply to BS EN ISO 9001.

Britnit™ galvanised steel scourers are also ideal for a range of demanding non cleaning applications. Our scourers are widely used for removing paint and varnish from materials including wood and metal, finding use in both the DIY and professional sectors.

The majority of Britnit™ scourers are available from stock for delivery within a few days.

Britnit™ Pure Copper Mesh Pot Scrubbers

- ideal for delicate surfaces

Made from pure copper and designed for long life, our high-quality copper gauze mesh pot scrubbers and scourers provide effective cleaning without scratching delicate surfaces. Sizes: C20, C25, C30, C40 and C60. Standard pack quantity: 100

Britnit™ Galvanised Mild Steel Houseware Scouring Pads

- for the toughest of jobs

Our heavy duty, high quality galvanised steel scourers are used extensively throughout the catering, cleaning and janitorial sectors. These scourers use premium quality materials and manufacturing methods, and will perform better and last longer than conventional scourers. This increased performance saves your staff time and reduces your scourer expenditure - both of these saving your company money.

The superior quality of these scourers also makes them ideal for DIY and professional paint and varnish removal, from many surfaces including wood and metal.Sizes: W25, W30, W40, W60 and W90. Standard pack quantity: 100

Britnit™ Stainless Steel Houseware Scouring Pads

- for durability and long-life

Designed for maximum effectiveness and long-life, our stainless steel scourers are highly durable and made from 100% non-rusting materials. Sizes: S20. Standard pack quantity: 100
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